Oh Hair. Why Must You Thin So?

Earlier this year I knew my hair loss was getting bad by some subtle comments that were made to me by the hair/make-up person in a play I was in.

I was the angel Gabriel and so every night she would have to give me what she lovingly called the “Angel Poof”. In reality the "Angel Poof" was a nice way of saying, "Let's rat Rob’s hair until he bleeds, and then, because Rob may not be in a enough pain already, lets put a whole can of hair spray on his raw head, so that his hair won't budge even if gall force winds suddenly burst into the theatre."

Seriously, it was painful, much like pouring lemon juice into a paper cut.

Sure I knew I was receding and thought I was handling it all very well. I knew my receding hair line was gradually progressing up my scalp, but I still thought I had some good growth up top.

Well, one night the “hair lady” subtlety said, “Oh boy there is not a lot to work with back here”.

She went so far as to say, “Next year you may have to wear a wig”.

A wig? Are you serious sister? Really? I hate to say this, but good sister you need to check yourself because it will be a cold day in…before this guy straps on a wig. Yeah.

So last night I went Great Clips to get a hair cut, which is usually a great experience. I love people touching my head for some reason. Well, to wrap up the experience the stylist asks me to check the back. So she holds up the mirror and I notice this huge bald spot on the top of my head.

OK, it all looks good...um...except for the huge bald spot on top of my head. Did you accidentally take out a huge chunk of my hair or what?”

She responded, “No sir, you are…um…you are just going bald.”

Ouch! That really hurt. I mean, you don’t usually see that back of your head so last night I realized that I have lost a ton of hair back there. Whoa, what a wake up call. The whole experience left me a little stunned.

Friends, after some initial shock and some positive self talk, I think I have come to grips with the inevitability that some day I will be completely bald. And I am OK with that friends. I am still a good person and have a lot to offer with other areas of my face and head (I have some awesome looking ears, and don’t even get me started on how cool my chin is).

So with a lot of soul searching and prayer, today has been a better day.
I have only cried three times and I have found baseball caps go with some many different outfits and looks.
You can dress it up or down.
Friends, crisis averted.


Carrot Jello said…
Hello? Do-rags are way cooler. Especially those flag ones. Perfect for summer.
Katie said…
A lot of women... like me... find bald men extremely attractive. My husband will probably never go bald... but I sure enjoy admiring a nice bald head!
Heidi said…
Rogaine. No one has to know.
Rachael said…
Oh, sweet Rob. Sorry to hear that those cutting remarks are resurfacing again so long after the fact. If it helps soothe your wounded ... scalp, we agree with Katie's comment. God made a few perfect heads, and the rest He covered with hair. Isn't it nice to know yours is being translated? :P

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