What is that sound? Rising up from world?

I don't usually love to tell tales of the bathroom but here we go.

So I was in the bathroom doing...well...what we all do in there. To my side, a father was trying to help his son do "tinkles" in the toilet. He was not having a lot of success because the two year old would not hold still. And as we all know, holding still is really a huge part of the art of the “one-sies”, am I right?

So finally, we are all finished and met over to the sink, to do the washing of the hands.

When suddenly, a man burst through the door with a panicked expression on his face that comes only from having a “doosy of a two-sy” coming down the pike. He rushed into a stall and released a gaseous sound, the likes I have never heard before.

We all were astounded and impressed at the volume of this man’s passing of the gas. But what does one say at times like these? When you know it warrants something being said or a joke about, but you’re not sure how to coin just the right phrase?

Well, the two year old said it the best, when he said, “Holy Cow Dad! That was the loudest fart I have ever heard!

Except for our friend in the stall. (He seemed to have some other issues going on) We started laughing, the kind of laughter that men only share when bathroom humor is presented to us, with stifled giggles and unadulterated “gafaws”, pushing and shoving each other out the bathroom door. Ah, good times.

Leave it to a two year to say what we all were thinking.


Anonymous said…
More information than I wanted. What is right with the world, anyway?
Jason Eldredge said…
Wow. Just, wow. Thanks for the laughs!

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