At the Target, Target-cabanana

So yesterday I went over to the local Target to buy some exercise bands, as my old one snapped and popped me in the face, mid bicep curl. (Darn that Tony Horton, from the Power 90X infomercial, he gave me a crappy band.)

So as I was walking to the exercise aisle I heard the faint sound of singing. I thought, “How odd since I’m not even near the media section.”

But then I wondered if it might be one of those kiosks where you can push a button and hear samples from the albums being displayed. And since I was missing the coveted mix album “Slow Jams of the 70’s” from my slow jam mix collection, I should stop by and see if they had that awesome mix in their inventory.

Well, as I rounded the corner what did a see? Just a lone man, in front of the votive candles singing, in full voice mind you, Billy Joel’s “She’s Got A Way”.

Yes, I was a little shocked at what I saw and thought this singing man would be a little embarrassed as well and stop singing. Well, he didn’t stop; he turned, gave me a smile, and just kept right on a singing.

I don’t know if you, like I, am alarmed with the recent surge in public singing. Why do people feel like it is ok to just open up and sing full voice in public? The funny thing is this is the second time that this has happened in the last month.

I have mixed emotions about public singing at weird locations. I can’t decide if I admire them for being so brave and not caring what other people think about them, or if they need to check themselves, as they are riding the border of complete insanity (I guarantee there is a lot of public singing going on in those asylums. Shine on you crazy diamonds!)

I think that at the core of the issue, what really bothers me is that I want to get in on the action, but I am a little too embarrassed to do it.

In reality if I had my way, I would strap on a Casio keyboard and walk the aisles of every department store singing Barry Manilow’s greatest hits (I do a mean version of “Cococapana”. You who have seen me karaoke know of what I speak.) But, alas, my social filter will not allow such activities. I am too self conscious, which I know will sadden all the local shoppers as they could greatly benefit from my Manilow song interpretations.


Heidi said…
You've inspired me to belt out "Show Off" or "My New Philosophy" next time I'm at Target rooting through the clearance racks for a coat I swear they had last week.

Thank you.
Kendra Leigh said…
Once, Matt & I & some friends were sitting in the drive-thru of a Taco Bell in Southern California. We were bored and wondering where the order taker was... and so we started singing. The BYU fight song. Really. Loud. After the RARARAs, the order taker crackled through the speaker and said, "Nice song! Can I take your order now?" We thought it was hilarious. (guess you had to be there)

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