Free Food

Are you like me? I can't say no to free food. No matter how stuffed I am or how much I hate the food item being offered, as long as it is free I will eat it.

I have been known to set up camp right next to the sweet sample people at Costco just to get as many free samples as possible. (Hint: If you bring a baseball cap and a change of clothes to the store, the sample ladies will never be the wiser that you are the same person that passed by 15 minutes earlier.)

Let me just say here, before I share my little experience, that I dislike fish a lot. I can't stand the smell, and it is one of those foods that I know I need to eat because it is good for me but the taste is just too much for me.

Largely the reason that I have never traveled to an asian county is because of the smell that I will experience when I get off the plane. Fishy, just really, really fishy. I know that I would be dry heaving the entire time. And let's be honest, that is not good for polictical relations between China and ourselves.

So my co-worker came to work yesterday with a three pound platter of sushi from Costco, that's right I said three pounds. Now I have tried sushi back when it was popular a few years ago and tried to force myself to like it, because you know me, I will do anything as long as it makes me popular.

So my co-worker said that she bought it for her sons but they weren't going to eat it, and it was going to go to waste so she was trying to find someone who would eat it.

Free Food? How could I pass up this offer?

We sat in the break room and I picked up one, and gagged and said, "That is digusting! Hand me another one."

This time I tried to sheild the fish taste with a smidge of wasabi (For those who have never tried wasabi you will find that it is so strong that it will burn the hair right out of your nose.) "What the...? That is terrible!

Let me try that little one with lobster claw sticking out of it."

And so it went, until I had comsumed, that's right, the entire three pounds of sushi.

The rest of the night I suffered from "fish burps" and a little irritable bowel from all that wasabi and soy sauce. I think I am even sweating fish oil, which makes the girls go wild.

Do I regret my decision after a 3 lbs of bowel obstruction? Oh, heck no! I saved some serious cash and didn't have to make lunch or dinner. That is fantastic!


Erin said…
You're kidding, right? You did not eat 3 lbs. of freaking sushi, did you?! You know, I enjoy some good sushi once in a while. However, even I, being a lover of fish couldn't do it. Robbie, why??!!
i'm all about free. free anything. but not free sushi. i draw the line at that. especially since you get fish burbs. that alone is enough to make me run to the bathroom!!

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