Maybe you have wondered as I have, whatever happened to Charo? That hispanic lady, guitar in tow, with those skimpy, sparkly culottes. Man, that chick had a good thing going for a while. All I know is that after my Saturday night bath as a child if it was a “clean” episode my parents would let me watch the “Love Boat”. (Now that I am older it is surprising how much hula-who was going on when Capt. Stubing wasn’t looking. Ya, know what I'm saying?)

Did you ever notice, as I did, that it always seemed like Charo was a guest star on "The Love Boat". Why is that? A lot of people don’t know this but she appeared on the “The Love Boat” over eight times. Eight times, people! And I bet if I asked you why she was considered a “star” coming on that boat, lo those eight times, chances are you wouldn’t know. In all honesty I don’t think I really know.

Ya, she played the guitar, and she did that thing called the “cuchi cuchi” but the question remains why was she so famous. Any ideas?

And now she is at the height of her career doing commercials with Gieco and T-mobile here in the states. Man, that chick has gotten all the breaks.


According to Wikipedia, she continues to entertain on the Royal Caribbean cruises. I feel you should look into booking one of those babies! It's as though your childhood and adulthood will be coming full circle.
Erin said…
Charo, that Charo. That 'cuchie, cuchie' thing used to scare me a little. It's a little scandalous if you asked me.
harada57 said…
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