The Civic

I love my car. She holds a sentimental place for me as she is the first car that I have purchased on my own back in 2002, so she means a lot to me. She has gotten me to and from work safely lo, these seven years. But lately she has not be treating me as well I would like her to. As of late she has become a little high maintenance.

Last night I took her to the Jiffy Lube for just a oil change and thought I would spend about $35.00. Well,I ended up spending about $131.00. I ended up getting her light replaced, all her fluids filled up (they were all so low that they couldn't even detect anything inside of her), and to top it all off we had to get her tires rotated.

Now I know she is getting advanced in years. And I know that she can't hold her fluids like she used to. Her joints are just steel on steel, there is no padding left, so every time I hit a bump, man, I feel it. She makes a funny grinding sound so everyone gives us strange looks as we are coming down the street. The neighbors all know when Rob is home because they can hear him coming a mile away.

I love my car like a sister, but tell me friends, how long can I keep spending money on this ol' girl before I can but her out of her me misery?

I keep thinking about the movie "Old Yeller". Remember how much we all loved Old Yeller? Ah, he was such a good dog, a little mischievous at times, yes, but at his core, just good people, ya know. But even in the end, as much as they loved that dog, Travis had to be a man, and shot Ole' Yeller dead. (I still can't talk about it without getting teary.)

Now my Civic may not get the "delirium", but so help me if she pees away her oil, coolant one more time I may have to get my shot gun out and...oh who am I kidding? I can't kill my car. I love her too much. Don't make me do it Travis. (sob) don't make me kill my car, ugh, (sigh) ugh.

I got control again, thanks for bearing with me.

I want a new car but I just don't want to abandon what my Civic and I have together. I know you think I am exaggerating, and I am in a way, but I have a hard time parting with things that I have spent a lot of time with. I seem to project human emotions on my vehicles, like if I give her away she will be lonely or cold without me to protect her.


Heidi said…
That reminds me. I need to check fluids THIS WEEK. And I think I'm just about due for an oil change after that road trip to New Mexico.

Thanks for the reminder...I should tell you the story of how I paid more for my new transmission than my car is worth...I definitely feel your pain.
LuvMnky said…
I feel your pain, Rob. I just traded in (sob) Walker over the Christmas holiday. First truck I'd ever purchased on my own, had it for 8 years...I feel your pain. But it's worth it my friend. Someone new will find your Civic and give her a new home and love her like you did. :)

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