New Favorite Song

Some times after a stressful day, I like to suit up into my UnderArmor muscle shirt, strap on my sweat bands, and IPOD, and head to the gym.

Now, just the mere sight of me walking into the gym causes those with lesser muscle power to flee from the weights area, and scurry to step aerobics. The intimidation factor is just so great!

I don’t like to toot my own horn but, friends, I am huge. Many of you who have seen me as of late, will know of what I speak. And those who haven’t…well I say it’s OK to sneak a peek because it is quite impressive. When you think of perfect bodies names like Stallone, Schwarzenegger come to mind. Arnold? Sylvester?...idiots compared to the unadulterated muscle power or Robierto.

While I am doing my squats and working on my lats, I do a lot of grunting and growls with every lift. It is scary, but people, how else am I to get rid of all that rage and excess gas? As a result of the anger and power of my lifting many have asked what kind of music I listen to whalst I am working out. In fact, many have ask, “Rob is that some sort Slayer/Mega-Death Work Out Mix that you are listening to?”

Oooohhh sweet na├»ve friends. “I will never tell”, I respond “for it gives me my power and stamina that allows me to do a 500 lbs bench press.” (Those who have seen my pecs know this is true.)

So here, as all of us are starting our work out schedules for the New Year, I have decided to reveal the song that makes working out enjoyable, and that will push you to new heights of physical fitness.

Get ready it will change your life. Ready? Don’t let the source of the music dissuade you, for it is rockin’! Here it is.

Oh, I love it so much. It makes me so happy and especially when it is so cold, it makes me think warm thoughts of summer.

Good luck with your work out friends. And,…your welcome.


Erin said…
I knew it! I knew that was coming! How did I know?? Only the ultra bench pressers listen to HSM2. Thank you for sharing and letting us see that even you buff bench pressers are human like the rest of us.
Oh, Robert!!!! I have no words for the stunned look spread across my face right now. At first I thought it was the overcooked noodles I ate for dinner that left me feeling confused, but I am assured that it is, indeed, your song of inspiration. You have to stop feeding the High School Musical fire!!!
Rob A. said…
Let me just say that I hate the HSM movies they are ridiculous and so sweet they give me a cavity. With that said, there are some catchy tunes for I and II.

As my friends from En Vogue would say "Free your mind and the rest will follow."
HSM2. love it. i haven't seen the 3rd, but i came really close. but it will be rental for sure!

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