The New Years

So perhaps, you, like I, hope each New Years will be the New Years celebration to beat all New Years Celebrations. You have this huge expectation that pretty much includes: fireworks, falling in love, kissing strange people at midnight, and dancing until the early hours of the morning.

New Years Eve-Eve you frantically try to find some activity that will make your New Years dreams come true, but no matter what you do it always ends up lame and you feel such a let down. You assume the rest of the world is having an amazing experience at some party but you just didn’t get the invitation.

I can count on my two fingers how many great New Years I have had in my lifetime, that’s right, two. So now I have learned to set very low expectations for my New Year celebrations, which in the past years have consisted of having a pint of egg nog and turning in around 9:30 pm.

This year I went to Island Park for New Years with some friends and it was an awesome experience. I don’t know how many of you have had the pleasure of being in Island Park but it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been, especially in the winter.

We have started a tradition that at midnight we toast the world, and then we get in our swim suits, jump into the snow and then get in the hot tub. When it is that cold it really jump starts your New Year.

Then we would wake up and go cross country skiing, which I have determined to be the best way to enjoy the snow. To really see the beauty of winter you must strap on a pair of skis and head where the snow has never been touched by man.

Then we would head back to our cabin for some “Crazy Karaoke”. I do not know karate but I do know Karaoke, and I am not afraid to use it.

Friends, I have learned from this little trip that New Years can be fun. With good friends, good snow, and a good hot tub near by,any New Years party can fulfill all your unmet expectations.

Remember that time, when the photographer said "OK" everyone do a crazy pose and you think everyone is, and you get your pictures back and the three people on the left are looking totally normal, and it makes everyone else look out of control. What's that all about? Man, loosen up!


That makes me so happy!!!! I absolutely have had the same experience with you as new years. I decided that since last year was such an unpleasant year in general, that new years had to be a good beginning to something better. Some friends and I got a room at the marriott and rung in the new years with a movie, some hot-tubbing, and a FABULOUS suite. Good, good times!!!
Erin said…
Huge expectations = no bueno new years.
It's just another day, right? Why are we expected to go out and paint the town red? Next year I'm going to bed early. Take that New Years!

Actually, this year my new years was nice. I rang it in with the family, and you know what, I think my nephews were happy to have their favorite auntie around. It's all about keeping up that status, yo.
that is a total sasha fierce face you are making while singing karoke. love it. looks like you really know how to ring in a new year. i didn't make it to midnight this year. i'm totally lame!
Megs said…
First off, I hate when people say let's do a funny pose. Seriously, what are you supposed to do.

I am one of the people you are talking about who always just does nothing. I had to laugh about that.

Sounds like a great new years.

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