IPOD Alert

Question: Do you want to know the danger of an IPOD?
Answer: Spontaneous public singing.

How many times have you had your IPOD on at the gym or grocery store and you think you are just singing in your mind where it is safe and warm, but then you realize, as people begin to stare, that you are actually singing in full voice Brittan Spears “Oops I Did It Again

When you catch yourself you vow it will never happen again but then once you hear the “Cocoacobana” you just have to let go and belt it out, not even caring who hears. But..um..the public just called…and a…they do care, and wish you would stop.

So last night I went out walking in the rain with my IPOD. And as I was listening to my tunes I realized that because of the rain there probably wouldn’t be that many people out on the street. And I have a lot of open spaces with trails around me so I figured I would be pretty isolated and would be pretty safe to belt out a few of my favorite songs.

So I started out singing in mild, hushed tones. But the more I walked, the louder I sang. And I even felt like I needed to add some “pop and lock” moves that I learned from “Darren’s Dance Groves”. And that’s when I heard the crunch of gravel behind me.

Yeah, it was a runner who had probably been trying to warn me of his arrival like 100 yards away by clearing his throat, whistling, and yelling to save me from the embarassment that was about to persue, but because I had my music up so loud I didn’t anticipate his approach until he was literally right beside.

So just like in my “Public Speaking” blog from a few weeks ago I just fell to the ground and pretended to be dead.

I think I need more interactions with humans so I don’t feel the need to sing and talk to myself. What say you of this?

So I am just throwing out this warning to all you IPOD owners. If you must sing with your IPOD I recommend car, home, and then outside, in that order. Lest you be caught off guard by those around you who think you are crazy. Lest ye forget… Lest ye forget.


Erin said…
Robbie, I say own it! For real, why the heck not?! Don't you remember the lyrics to this fave song of mine? "sing, sing a song, sing out LOUD, sing out STRONG!"


Bart said…
I would like to echo Erin's sentiments. Actually - take it a step further. Notice that someone is listening to you sing / read dialogue aloud and you didn't know they were listening? INVITE THEM TO JOIN YOU. Give them a strange look when they decline. (Yes, I did say "when," not "if," but it's OK, keep reading.) Stay on this path - invite them again, this time with more threatening tones (or perhaps with just a little more urgency if you're uncomfortable with "threatening") and then if they still decline, just give them a sad look like you would when you find out that someone never ate Froot Loops as a child, or didn't believe in the Easter Bunny. Make it clear that THEY are the ones with the problem. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD AND DECENT! Using your expressive eyes, shout that message to them loud and clear. Own it, friend. Own it.

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