Too Much Hugging

Here's something...

So I am just minding my own business walking down the hall when this person who I only know by face comes up to me and says, “Someone needs a hug”. So I turn around thinking that the person who was in need of this special hug must be behind me somewhere.

But before I knew what was happening the stranger proceeded to engulf me in a hug for possibly a whole fifteen seconds. It may have been longer it's hard to say.

And I, not really knowing what to do, just surrendered by putting my hands to my side and let out a very loud sigh.

Why must certain socially awkward people feel the need to give hugs to perfect strangers? The answer eludes me at the moment but it sure makes us “normals” feel so uncomfortable.

I feel the same way about people who come up to me and say, “Smile…I am not going to leave until you smile… come on gives us a smile”. So finally you smile just so they will stop this embarrassing behavior. What am I? A two year old?

Inside you want to say “SMILE THIS” and then sweep their legs like Johnny in “The Karate Kid”. But because you are nicey-nice, and sweeping someone’s legs doesn’t go over well in criminal court, you just patiently flash your pearly whites and get on with your day.

I really have to wonder about people who make us submit to forcible hugs and smiles. I mean I am not opposed to the occasional hug when the situation moves me to do so, but these people who feel like they know when I need a hug or need to flash a smile seem strangely out of place don’t they?

If it’s just me I’ll shut up, but if others feel this way lets join together and stop forcible hugging!

Is it wrong to push people up across the wall if they come at you with open arms? If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.


Heidi said…
There's a guy who comes into my office (I call him Mr. Stands Too Close) who is one of those "I won't leave until you smile" kinds of people. And I really do want to kick him every time he does that. If he ever tried to hug me, I'd use my secret police buzzer and I don't think they'd blame me in the least.

I won't even TALK about Mr. WalMart Restraining Order who tells me I'm beautiful and that I should smile more...
Erin said…
Oh Robbie, Robbie. You must give out some kind of vibe that says "hug me". In fact, I know you do. I know you secretly want those hugs. When someone asks if 'someone' needs a hug, all you gotta do is initiate that 15 seconds of huggery. Iss nice. Enjoy!
Katie said…
Rob... it looks like you DO need a hug... now SMILE. There... don't you feel better already =)
Carrot Jello said…
How about people who give hugs longer than 3 seconds? They need to be stopped to.
Let's just ban random hugging, and arrest smiling people.
Kimberley said…
is it me? am i the one that prompted this post? i can apologize, but i can't make it stop...i need the human contact!
Karyn Mann said…
not gonna lie... this post makes me want to hug you. I can't help it.

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