The Mechanical Penthouse

So yesterday on one of my walks I discovered something in a back corner of the Salt Lake County building. Outside of the door it says “Mechanical Penthouse”.

What? How do we have a penthouse in our building? We only have four floors.

I tried to open the door because I know what’s going on inside that “penthouse”. Our maintenance staff is in there wearing their smoking jackets and reading the New Yorker magazine, laughing like Mr. Howell on Gillian’s Island. You know that laugh that only rich people do?

They are all in there sitting around their full size bar where they drink and fill in their brackets during “March Madness”.

And what makes me the angriest is they have scantily clad waitresses dressed like furry animals serving them drinks. Come on boys. Really?

After all this time I thought our maintenance staff was out working but really they are just in there "penthouse" having a grand ol’ time while the rest of us our bustin’ our humps everyday.
I am not sure how I feel about working for an organization that has something called a “penthouse” in it. It kind of makes me feel cheap and dirty. And I don't know how I feel about my hard earned tax dollars being squandered on their "penthouse" enjoyments.

But all these feelings could be suppressed if I could just get a key to this little hideaway. Are you looking for someone super fun, I am your man.
I want in on this little gem.
How about it maintenance staff, what do I need to do get my smoking jacket?
Call me!


Ronnie said…
I hope your not too disappointed when you finally get that key
Erin said…
That'd be nice, eh?

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