Slim Goodbody

Remember when you were learning about the human body in elementary school? And your teacher would make you watch that show with the guy who had an afro and wore a leotard with his internal organs on the outside.

You just wanted to watch "3-2-1 Contact" and follow up with what the Blood Hound Gang was up to, but you had to watch “Mr. Slim Goodbody”, his official name, not “the weird androgynous man with his organs on display, who sang and danced to ridiculous music and gave us all nightmares man”, as we referred to him.

Well I was thinking about Mr. Slim Goodbody the other day and I thought maybe I judged him too harshly. Maybe he did put on a good program for children and he wasn’t as weird as I thought he was.

So here is a clip I found of this unique troubadour:

Oh my…What the…What? That’s even freakier now, right? I don’t know why we thought this was acceptable learning for small children. You can see his liver and rectum.
His rectum people!

Forgive me but with an outfit like that Mr. Slimbody was just setting himself up to be mocked. We may have been little but we knew that something was not quite right with a man who sported a leotard with all that funk going on.

Just as an FYI Mr. Slimbody is still going strong. Do you know that you can book him for an assembly. Oh, yeah, I am sure kids in middle school today would be very open to the musical stylings of Mr. Slimbody.

You might want to book him just for some nostalgia or to scare your children so they truly appreciate the genius that is the “Teletubbies”.

No matter what reason you justify for wathcing Mr. Goodbody, I guarantee you will be changed forever. Maybe not changed in a good way, but changed nevertheless.


Sara White said…
Where do you come up with this stuff. I had completely forgotten about this guy! Thanks for the reminder. (NOT!) Thank goodness his guitar was covering his rectum in the video clip you provided.
-Sara Haacke White
kjgray75 said…
Hey Rob,

My 2 year old happened to be sitting on my lap while I watched your latest video clip. His head started bobbing to the music, and I fear I may have initiated a new generation. By the way, every time I go to Walmart and check out now, I glance towards the "spa" and expect to see you lounging in one of the chairs as you indulge in a deluxe facial/pedicure combo.
I do expect to really see you there one day.

Carrot Jello said…
"You can see his liver and rectum.
His rectum people!"
I will be forever scarred.
Heidi said…
I was always vaguely intrigued by Slim Goodbody. Maybe that explains why I didn't find "Body Worlds" as disturbing as some people did...or maybe it was that my date was more disturbing than the plasticized lungs and, yes, rectums.

Speaking of good bodies, my verification word is "calogym". Perhaps a hint to me?
Kimi D said…
slim never creeped me out...does that mean there's something wrong with me?
Kris said…
I expect this to be your costume next Halloween! Don't disappoint!

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