Wal-Mart Spa Package

Is it weird to anyone else that my local neighborhood Wal-Mart has a spa in it?

I can’t get over it.

Who wakes up in the morning and says, “After I get my groceries over ta' the local Wal-Mart, I’m going get a “peddy” and get my hair all did.

Who does that?

And when I see my fellow Wal-Mart customers walking out from the back in their towels to get a massage for us all to see, again, I have to say, "forgive me but that is too much."

Is it just my Wal-Mart or is this a standard feature at all Super Wal-Marts?

My local Wal-Mart fills my life with so many entertaining events. If you are ever in the greater Riverton area you just might want to stop on by. Perhaps we could get a “peddy”, wax, or a massage together. Pick your poison, my treat.


Ronnie said…
I may have to take you up on that spa treatment
Bart said…
Dear Rob,

Just how often do you frequent your local Wal-Mart? It might be time to scale back.

I had no idea there was a spa there. Seriously - are you making this up? That is ludicrous. I can't wait for my next visit so that I can point a finger and laugh at the visitors in towels. Too funny!
Tricky Nicky said…
I have never heard of a spa at Wal-mart. Quite frankly, the thought of that gives me the willies. I just imagine getting a facial in between jumbo cans of corn and a tube of Asper-Creme.

And thanks for giving me the visual of a person in a towel! I know I would NEVER want to picture the type of people I see at Wal-Mart in a towel. Ew.
Rebecca Banner said…
I am embarrassed to admit that I have had a pedi at a local Wal Mart....it was in Davis County so that may make a difference. It was cheap and one of the best. Don't knock it until you try it! But please draw the line at a pedi, no towels needed.
Erin said…
Really? Really??!!
Rob A. said…
Ok, so there aren't people walking publicly in their towels, but I am sure in some backroom there are massages going on.

But the rest is true I swear.
Heidi said…
At least it's not the Orem WalMart...which should be on that show "The Scariest Places on Earth" or something. Especially at 1 AM. 3 AM is a much better time. Not that I would know...
Anonymous said…
Don't tease too much now, Rob. That WalMart is out of your list of stores for now...they could be after you with this blog. Easy does it! M.
Tam said…
Hey Rob, Let's go try it out! I could use a good peddy! I think that it would be more entertaining watching people watch us! Let's go! I'm ready when you are! Your treat right?

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