A Toilet, a Toilet, My Kingdom for a Toilet

In this time when we are bombarded with so many multi-faceted troubling issues that include Swine Flu, the downfall of the housing market, and above all why Wheel of Fortune is still on TV. I mean who is still watching that show?

I believe as concerned citizens we need to bring to light many political problems that would be otherwise swept under the rug. Friends, with everything else that is going on in the world, have we overlooked perhaps in the urgency to fix the economy other more pressing issues that we need to deal with? Have we?

One of the many advantages of working in a government facility is that I am kept abreast of all the major issues facing our fair county of Salt Lake.

One issue that was brought to light to me as I was out for my morning walk was this: Lack of Public Toilets.

Doesn’t that just ring true to you? I mean isn’t that an issue that has long festered in your heart and bladder?

Some good citizen has littered the county building with these professional looking fliers (I have always said that you can move political mountains if you have a professional looking flier to bring attention to your cause.)

Check out this gem. It is visual eye candy so be ready to be "wowed":

I am troubled to see so many good citizens with frantic looks on their faces, walking ever so quickly, cross legged down the sidewalk searching for any place to relieve themselves.

And let's be honest, if Jaime Lee Curtis is going to be allowed to push Activa Yogurt so forcifully, some one is bound to have an accident unless we have more public toilets available. Am I right?

Forgive me, but something must be done now. Can we set aside the economy and Swine Flu for a day and focus on the more pressing matter that is the lack of public toilets in the greater Salt Lake area? How about congress?

And while you are at it, can you work on getting Wheel of Fortune off the air? Too long has it taken a good time slot on KJZZ.

Congress do your thang, girl!


Meira said…
I'm pretty sure it's only tourists who need to use public restrooms, which is why only tourist attractions have them. All these people you see on the street desperately searching for one must be lost out-of-towners.
Ronnie said…
Not to mention those poor potty training toddlers who get in trouble because they can't hold it until their desperately searching mother finds them a potty.
kjgray75 said…
So help me Rob if you mount a movement to remove Wheel from the evening line-up. Some of us stay-at-home moms rely on Wheel as our only daily intellectual outlet. Plus, Pat and Vanah feel like family.
i LOVE wheel of fortune!!! if you want to focus on getting something off the air, let's turn to "Jeopardy." Alex doesn't have much life left in him...
Erin said…
Te quiero Robierto. Thanks for a hearty laugh!

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