Christmas In November

So I was driving the day after Halloween and I decided to turn on the radio and listen to some tunes. My radio was tuned to KOSY 106.5, a radio station that I love for it's easy listening and light rock favorites. To my shock they were playing "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey. I thought it was a mistake so I kept listening to see what they played next. Mariah was followed by "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer". During the break they said that they will be playing Christmas music from November 1 until the end of December. What? Does that seem a bit premature to any one else?

I like Christmas music very much but in the right time and place. I feel like poor Thanksgiving gets passed over when we just go right from Halloween to Christmas. And plus, we all need some transition time from the celebration of evil and the dead to Christmas where we celebrate peace and good will to men, right? I mean it takes me at least a month to wash off my "goth" eye make up and let go of "The Monster Mash".

How can we be so callous as to forget our sweet pilgrim ancestors who came across the ocean on the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria? And what about the Indians who brought food to our poor pilgrim friends to distract them while Pocahontas and John Smith went to make out at the old willow tree. These are things that are apart of me in a very profound way, and I for one, feel it is important to teach these things to our children. Because just as Whitney Houston has said, I believe that children are our future.

So KOSY 106.5, can we hold off on the Christmas music until November 28, please? If not for me, then for the children.


Erin said…
Now Robbie, I understand where you're coming from. However, I must say that I was all too delighted to hear x-mas music on kosy. We must have been listening at the same time, for I also heard Mariah belting out her tune on Saturday (which, to be honest isn't my favorite). I can understand that you want to give Thanksgiving a chance too, but really, the x-mas season for me begins before Thanksgiving. Isn't it all a similar message, anyway? Giving, being thankful for, loving, eating in large quantities, giving gifts, remembering, etc. I mean, if there were songs that went with t-day, I'd be all to happy to comply, but as it were, we don't sing about the nina, the pinta and the santa maria. I'm all too happy to sing of the general "season". I love it, yes I do!
Rob Abney said…

First Mariah's song is a favorite of mine aswell.

Second, no I can't feel good about skipping over Thanksgiving. All KOSY is doing is trying to make you feel good but it isn't real Iran it isn't. Thanksgiving is the weaker of the two holidays but it needs us to focus solely on him. I call him the needy holiday because he needs more love and attention than the others. Let's not mix our attention between the two.
Erin said…
Robbie Dear,

Thanksgiving is gonna be ok. T-day is one of my faves, and I tell you, I give him plenty-o-attention. I eat all of his food, I drink my pumpkin spice soy milk (really delish, btw). Yet, maybe to ease your poor heart, we should come up with more Thanksgiving day songs to fill it. Shall we talk to kosy? Yes? You tell me if this will divide our attention and give equal playing time to individual holidays. Es posible, no?
Erin said…
Btw, since when did Thanksgiving become a "He"?
Fran said…
(Thanksgiving is a "he" because of football...and carbs.)

Katie said…
Uh, Rob... Christopher Columbus came on the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.. the pilgrims came on the Mayflower. Just sayin'. Love you!
Katie said…
ps... i agree with you rob. it seems to me that people just want the holidays where they GET STUFF (Halloween- candy, Christmas- gifts) and skip over the holiday that shows gratitude for all we have.

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