Daylight Savings. Must we?

It being an election year I am thinking that next year we proposition to stop moving our clocks forward and back. My body is freaking out. From someone who has a hard time sleeping any way this makes it all the more difficult.

Everyone tells me that we get an extra hour of sleep but really that only works for the first Sunday and then after that your body thinks you are staying up later and so that makes you more tired.

I also hate coming out of work when it is dark. I just am not as productive after work. I all I wan't to do is go home and sleep.

On a more positive note, it is snowing today. Not a light, pithy snow, but big flakes. The kind of snow you can sit on your couch and watch for hours. It reflecting off the lights outside and gliding to the ground. It makes me want to make crafts out of macaroni with the heater blasting.

Actually that is what I am doing right now. I am under my desk, shoes kicked off, sipping some hot chocolate with marshmellows, wrapped in my down coat. My boss keeps walking in looking for me so I invited her down to watch the snow with me. She said that she would be back in a minute with a warning. I am thinking that she means a warning for loving the snow too much. But if loving snow is wrong, I don't want to be right.


Seriously!!! I get strange looks when I laugh this loud, alone in my office. You've got to stop before I lose my job. I'll forever be grateful that the BC brought us together......
Bart said…
My favorite part of this post:


Why is that so funny? Just say "no" to pithy snow. No one needs flakes that are pithy. Unless you've got dandruff, and then maybe pithy is an improvement. I pithy the fool. OK, and now I will stop.
Erin said…
Robert Kenneth! I echo what Megann says. I also get looks when I laugh this hard in the office!
I was at convention that oh-so-snowy day and seriously wanted to get the dried macaroni out and make myself a necklace, or a belt - ooh!
I love, love the snow. However, day light savings does make me want to call in sick to work everyday!

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