Giving Thanks

This week I am just sa' thankful. I feel like I need to express that and maybe give back to all the I have taken this year. So all my blogging this week will be dedicated to all things that make be weep for gratitude. I am grateful for the following things in no particular order:

Friends- I have been so blessed with such great friends. I know full well that I am not the best friend in the world. I don't call, due to my fear of phones, and I am not really sure how to reciprocate in a friendship. But with all my faults my friends are so good to me. And sometimes talking with them I say to myself, wow I am friends with some pretty amazing people who have done some pretty amazing things. How did I get so lucky? Thank you my good friends.

FACEBOOK- On the topic of friends, this year I am grateful for Facebook. I thought I had lost contact with many of my friends from middle school,high school and Ricks College. But because of Facebook I have found some long lost friends that I thought were lost forever. I don't look at Facebook everyday but it is just nice to know that if I wanted to contact on of my over 200 friends, I could.

Daybreak- I just moved out to a little development called Daybreak which looks just like a movie set. I openly admit that Daybreak is almost too perfect with perfect homes lawns and people. But my favorite thing about Daybreak is the great places to walk. I love to get on a path and walk around the lake, or go to the edge of Daybreak and look across the the valley to look at the east mountains. It is amazing looking at the moutains from the west side. It is so beautiful.

More to come....


Rebecca Banner said…
I love that you are listing things you are thankful for! Since I don't have a blog for you to read (or stalk like I have done with yours) I will just have to tell you that I am thankful for friends too - even if we haven't talked in a way long time :)

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