Christmas Music Continued

So I turned on my radio this morning and guess what, apparently FM 100 is now playing Christmas music non-stop. The world has turned upside down.

So it being an election year I wanted my voice to be heard so I emailed the radio station to find out what the sam is going on.

Here is how it went down:

Good Kozy-

I really have enjoyed your station and your different variety of music
that your play.
I was wondering what is up with the Chritmas music in Novemeber? I can
understand after Thanksgiving hearing Christmas music but it seems too
I am just curious as to why so early?

Hey Rob,

I appreciate your note about the Christmas Music.We know it seems
early but listener input has been overwhelmingly in favor of starting
now.Partly because it's been a tough year for a lot of people.They
may "need a little Christmas, right this very minute."I hope that
when you are ready for some Christmas music, you'll give us a try.

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season.Thanks for the
time you've spent listening to KOSY.

Jeff Cochran
Program Director
KOSY 106.5

Whoever is giving imput that they "need a little Christmas right this very minute" needs to check themselves. Ya know friends sometimes we don't get what we want even in tough times. That is what old Halloween candy, and Red Bull are for. To tide us over until Christmas comes.

So people toughen up, pour yourself a Red Bull, wrap yourself in a blanket, and gorge yourself on Halloween until Thanksgiving is over and then it will ok to listen to your precious Christmas music. But until then, suck it up and stop your crying!


j said…
Maybe it's part of a government conspiracy to increase consumer spending. Christmas music -> Christmas Shopping -> Economic recovery?

I read recently that starting your Christmas shopping early actually leads to more overall Christmas spending. So by starting early, you don't end up saving money. You just feel like you have more time to spend more.

Anyway, I, too am anti-pre-Thanksgiving-Christmas music. What about all the great Thanksgiving music?
I beg to differ, Roberto. I listen to Christmas music all year and find that it's message is one that we can all take to heart. As it says in that popular novel 'A Christmas Carol,' like unto that character "I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year."
LuvMnky said…
I'm with Meggs, Rob! And actually, KOSY was playing Christmas music the day after Halloween last year too. I personally love it! There's so much great Christmas music out there, that the three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas just isn't enough time to listen to it all! Steer clear of 100.7 too. They also are playing Christmas music. But B 98.7 isn't, so you can still get your easy listening fix! :)
Anonymous said…
It's a problem. Here's a music video on the very subject:
Anonymous said…
Whoops...wrong link:
Erin said…
Go Kosy! I'm still listening to it!
GrammaColleen said…
Last night Erin told my husband Doug and me about your blog. She actually read some of the hysterical things you have written. The three of us, with tears in our eyes, were splitting our collective guts!

Stop by and visit when you're near 186 S. 280 East in Orem. We have pizza each Friday night from about 5:00--------------. How about singing a duet with Erin in our ward in December? Our Sacrament meeting begins at 9:30. I'm the music chairperson and get to make all the big musical decisions; love that power.
Colleen Curran, mother of the ever darling Erin.

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