Nervous Laughter

Do you ever start laughing at inappropriate times? Sometimes I get nervous laughter when I shouldn't be laughing. And it isn't a few sputtering laughs mind you but deep belly laughs that have to be stifled under the guise of coughing, or tourettes syndrome.

I have been known to laugh at funeral viewings, hospital visits, and my ultimate weakness is bad musical numbers. This week musical numbers have proven to be my nervous laughter kryptonite.

I was volunteering at this $100.00 a plate charity event enjoying my steak and chicken when they announced a special musical number. I was caught off guard and knew I was in trouble. The singer started with a story and then the music started behind her and then she flowed right into her song. Now, let me tell you this as friends, if I don't look at the person I can usually put my head down and act like I am pondering the powerful lyrics of the song by occasionally nodding and touching my face. Unfortunately for me, if any one looks at me or attempts to talk to me, during the music, I shatter with laughter. So my friend, who is sitting next to me and didn't know how weak I was, leans over and attempts to comment on the music, and I just bust. I am covering my mouth and shaking violently and have to excuse myself to go sit in the hall to contain myself.

Then, I finally think that I have it contained, but as soon as I walk in the room and make eye contact with my friend I bust again and have to fake a cell phone call to exit the room again.

After the initial humor of the situation I always feel so bad for doing that. I have sung in front of people and would be devastated if I looked out and saw someone laughing while I was singing. How can I stop doing this? Is there something that can ebb the pain and embarrassment I am causing these powerful singers who feel it is appropriate to talk with music playing underneath? I am begging you all for help.


Katie said…
I soooo do that too! I blame it all on Chris Hopkin! Do you remember our Sr. year in choir and we were practicing the Battle Hymn of the Republic and during the really quiet music break in the middle he stood up and spontaneously gave a speech about America and freedom, etc. We were all laughing so hard. I still can't get through "music under talking" and frequently do it myself at innapropriate times to try and be funny (but only in front of my kids... they always think I'm funny).

Thanks for visiting my blog, I really appreciated your comment. Your so sweet. I had dinner with Keli Hardinger the other night. You should visit her blog... it's listed in my links. Did you know she and I had a fight over you in 11th grade... like literally hitting eachother fight! Ahhh, those were the days!
Rob Abney said…

Thank you for supporting me in my cause.

You and Kelli fought over me? With fist? I am flattered. I have never had anyone fight over me before.
Heidi Cochran said…
Oh, Katie! Katie! Every time someone talks over music, I am taken back to that moment in choir! "I am an American..." It gets me every time. If my brother and I are together and hear or see something like that, we'll look at each other and say "I am an American..." and can no longer contain ourselves. Sometimes there are tears. I'm laughing now just thinking about it!

Kimi D said…
always to be remembered by me as the night i fell in luv with you...honestly, that was equal parts awful and awesome
Erin said…
Come on, do you really want to change that?? Is it really so bad?? I say to you NAY. I am thoroughly entertained, Robbie. I thank you for that.

Bless you.
M said…
Now I know the real reason you fell off your chair during my "elevator pitch" --You felt bad for me! Awwwww!

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