Hangin' Tough, NKOTB Style

So one of my friends invited me to attend NKOTB and I thought to my self that is some good blogging material waiting to happen. And friends, my eyes were opened to a world a never knew existed, the world of 30-33 year old New Kid's fan. They are crazy! I had to put in ear plugs because their screaming got to be too much. The funny thing is that all the people there were my same age because the New Kids were popular for only a couple of years. So either you knew who they were or you didn't.

I have chronicled some of my favorite pictures:
This picture is pretty dark but if you will notice what she has in her hand. It is a naked Jordan Knight barbie of some sort. She proceeded to hold him around the waist the entire evening. You have to admire the stamina of that sweet sister.

These sweet girls are my favorite. You will notice that they are also carrying fulling clothed NKOTB dolls, the shirts they bought in the sixth grade, and yes you are seeing correctly they have books with them about each member of the band. I don't know if they were novels but it seemed like there was one in there that I saw that appeared to be a murder mystery with a young Joey Mac as a teenage sleuth. Intriguing.

I have to say that I didn't know a lot of the songs that they performed but one of their last songs was "The Right Stuff". I rose to my feet and immediately all the words came back to me. They even did the side to side dance that I memorized from their video. I was in rare form. I tried to picture the move for your viewing pleasure.

Isn't amazing how music can transport you to a whole different time and place. As I listened to NKOTB I was transported back to my middle school where we lined up in huge lines and just toe touched side to side to their music. And you were considered a good dancer if you snapped with your side step, because you know that took a lot of coordination. Where the slow dances was full arms length apart, with the boys hands on the shoulder and girls hands on the hips. Ah good times.

New Kids on the Block's music took me back to that time of innocence where life was so good even though I felt so awkward the majority of the time. And even on those days when I felt so gawky and awkward I could put on "The New Kids", stand in front of my mirror, and do the the side hop pendulum move right along with them(I hope you all know what I am talking about, if not look up one of their video and it will become very clear what I am talking about) and for that moment I felt like I was pretty tough stuff. I may not have been the most popular or athletic kid in middle school, but at least I was cool enough to "Hang Tough" like the "New Kids".


first off. I love that you went to this concert. you know that you listened to all of your old NKOTB cassettes before heading tot he concert!! I have the same birthday as Jonathon Knight. something i hold close to my heart!
Kimi D said…
good post...but the live re-telling of the story, complete with choreography, was even better!

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