So last night I didn't sleep very well. Could it have been the protein shake that I had last night around 7:00, or maybe running to FHE in the cold without a jacket that caused my to freeze. It is hard to say, all I know is that I woke up with a sore throat and feeling like everything was out of focus. Like I was viewing everything through a thick pea soup.

You know that feeling? Where you are not down in bed sick but are more bugged by the potential of an illness. And if you are really quiet you can actually hear your body fighting off infection.

How could this happen I have been taking Xango juice for the last three days. Isn't that the cure all for any ailment? Mr. Xavier Xango please explain how I got sick with all those fruit pieces and bitter juice in my system. I even took it with a vitamin for good measure.

My neck hurts and I feel that my eyes are swollen like overstuffed peppers. I can't wait to go home so I can crank the heater, get in my overstuffed down coat and fall asleep on my ottoman.


Heidi said…
First. That must be quite a big ottoman because you are not a tiny man.

Second. I recommend Zicam. Zicam Zicam Zicam. And Gypsy Cold Care tea by Traditional Medicinals, the same people who make Throat Coat (which might also be a good thing to have on hand). You can find them at health food stores or Smith's. I don't know if they actually cure anything, but they certainly sooth things. Let it steep for at least 10 minutes and put lots of honey in it.

I hope you feel better soon.
Katie Zarbock said…
You should try my brothers new cough syrup. It is an all natural cough syrup made from honey and works wonders for sore throats. Check it out at:
You can get it at Harmons or at Gibsons.
Hope you feel better.
Erin said…
More XanGo, my friend, more XanGo.
Erin said…
Oh, and I hate being a sicky. I was for the last week, and it's just no fun. Lots of sleep, more XanGO, and more sleep.

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