Reverse Trike

So every day when I leave work there is this guy who pulls out of the parking structure wearing all this hard core biking gear. He has his leather chaps, his thick soled boots, and his leather jacket with the skull on the back. He looks like he could kill you with one look.

And then he comes pulling out on this little gem. And every time I see him I have to laugh because . . .what is that thing.
I mean if you are going to look like a mean biker then buy a hog already and lets be done with it. But if you are going to be scared to buy a real motorcycle than just be content to call it what it is, a safer, environmentally friendly, motor trike. And don't try to fool us by wearing that biker gear. Just put on your Birkenstocks, and paint flowers on your cheek and truly embrace your pansiness.

While I am on the topic of silly modes of transportation...Have you ever been on a running trail minding your own business and someone comes behind you ringing their bicycle bell going like 3 miles an hour on one of these beauties?

Maybe, like me, you are curious as to why they are dressed in full on spandex tops, biking shoes, aerodynamic helmets, gloves, and, yes, Lycra biker shorts with the cushion in the crotch. Why do they need that cushion on their crotch when they are reclined for the entire ride? Is that odd to anyone else?

I could see if they were wearing that gear in a vigorous bike race and trying to beat a land speed record but they never top 5 miles an hour. Who are they kidding wearing all this speed gear when they are going just for a nice gingerly bike ride?

I don't know why people feel like they have to dress hard core when their not, and they have no intention of becoming so. I feel like I need to pull them aside and say, "OK Friends, here's the poop. You can't wear this gear unless you are seriously going to push the 5 mile an hour mark. OK."


Anonymous said…
Oh you are just jealous! I know you love to wear your spandex when you ride your bike just around the block.

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