Today I am grateful for good co-workers. I work in a very diverse environment and I have learned to love my co-workers very much. We work well as a team and received an award this year for our contributions to the Sheriff's Office. And even though we all have very different beliefs about life, religion, and politics we all still have mutual respect for each other and love to torment each other. We call each other brother and sister and we call our boss our mom. If I can't find one of them I just ask my co-worker, "Hey where is your sister/brother?"

However, just as in all families your siblings can be little stinkers as well. For example, during the week of the BYU and Utah game I was out sick and they thought it would be a fun game to do some redecorating while I was away. Here is my angry face.

Those crazy kids. They are incorrigible.


j said…
Ummmm...I think you meant incorrigible, instead of encourageable. And c'mon, you know you love the Utes. :)
Katie Zarbock said…
Are you wearing a red shirt? And you call yourself a Cougar fan. There is no red during rivalry week!!
Monkey Mamma said…
Okay, Rab (yes, I did call you RAB). Now this is some funny s**ff. As always you are hilarious! Meanwhile, I loved the little comments about brothers and sisters (and MOM?!!) That's so funny! Did they really do that to you at work? I recognized the prehistoric furniture! No WAY!! I have a new respect for you, NKOTB?? SHUT UP! Gotta go, my tummy hurts from laughing. You Go Rab!
Monkey Mamma said…
p.s. NO I AM NOT A BATHROOM "TALKER!!" Yep, I'm yelling, just want to make sure you hear me from your stall!!!
M said…
Yeah, what Katie said!

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