So I was listening to “Away in a Manger” the other day and remembered a funny experience that happened when I was about 10 years old.

First, before I go on, you know how there are two versions of “Away in a Manger” right? One has the, “ASLEEP, asleep, ASLEEP…etc”, and the other does not.

So we are sitting in church and we pull out our hymnals and the closing hymn is “Away in a Manager”. Fantastic, we thought, we knew this song from primary. Now, the one we had learned in primary was the “ASLEEP, asleep, ASLEEP…etc” version while the one we were about to sing was sans the “ASLEEP, asleep, ASLEEP…etc”.

So my sister loves to sing and was always such a good example of just singing with all your heart and soul. Even if she didn’t know the song she would always just give it her all. I, on the other hand, realized that this was different than the “Away in a Manager” I was used to singing in primary so I just sang it very timidly.

It was getting close to the end of the song and we all sang “…Asleep on the hay”. The chorister cut us off and there was silence. And then next to me I heard one clear voice sing, “Asleep”. Yes, it was my sister singing loud and singing proud.

I just remember every eye in the congregation was turned to the Abney’s pew and my sister’s face being bright red.

Ah such a great Christmas memory.


Anonymous said…
I love your sister!
Erin said…
Ah, bless that Tyra for singing out with all her heart!
Bart said…
Bless her for being proud to sing loud. Where did you find such a perfect picture for this post? Did your sister have to go through any post-trauma counseling?

(My word verification requirement this time: pards. Yeah, I got nuthin'.)
Karyn Mann said…
Robby NNNNNnnnooooo!
1) I found your blog... and LOVE it ( I don't remember if I knew you had one or not... but I will be checking in going forward).
2) I LOVE this story! It makes me miss Tyra.
3) When I was home for Christmas I found a ton of old photos and scanned them. Watch facebook for a skip down memory lane.
4) Check out my blog. Apparently, we have similar design scheme preferences.
5) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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