Wal-Mart Fury

Remember that time last night when I went over to the Wal-Mart to buy a single gift card. It was around 9:30 pm so I was just going to run in, grab, and go. Once I got to the check out counter I got behind a woman who seemed to have very few items, so I jumped behind her.

Friends, she was a talker and she was telling the cashier all about her shopping expeditions throughout the valley. About the screaming deal she got a on a new coat and new doggie doughnut for her Yorkies.

At this point I began to get a little impatient because ya know it was getting late and I needed to get home. But some how in my mind I imagined that she was probably not married and she was one of those people who considered her yorkie's her children, and dang it, she just need some good human contact at her local neighborhood Wal-mart to ease her lonliness. Man I am so chariable. . .but then I notice she wasn't wearing a wedding ring. What?

Now I was getting very impatient and angry, but I noticed that she was almost done loading up the fishing tackle boxes she had bought for . . I don't know her dogs or something. And I thought to myself, Rob you can do this. You can make it without knocking over the magazine rack or kicking the big bin full of bouncy balls as I have done in the past.

As she slide her debit card through the machine I thought, I am in the home stretch. Then the cashier said that her card wasn't working. So I thought oh too bad she will have to come back later. But this woman would not be deterred from her fishing tackle box purchases. She said I've got cash. No problem, right? How long does it take to whip out a stack of twenties and close the deal? Well, when you have to count out exact change, apparently it takes a little while.

Well, oh I don't know, I would say about four hours or so later, I sat staring at the magazine rack waiting for any excuse to pick that thing up and hurl it across the aisle, destroying the fresh baked french bread that was just brought out.

Yes, she had actully dumped out her coin purse and was counting out pennies so she could have exact change.

Oh man, at this point in my head I am screaming at the top of my lungs at this woman, swear words that I didn't even know that I knew came blaring through my head, and my heart was just pounding with rage. Who did this women think she was to take up my valuable time like this?

Before the point of total melt down it was finally my turn. As I walked up she grabbed my arm and said, "Honey, I am so sorry that took so long."

And then I patted her on the hand and said with a smile, "It was no problem, I was happy to wait."

Isn't so funny how we love to please people inspite our true feelings? Sooo funny.


Um, if a little old lady with yorkies brings out in you the desire to throw magazines angrily across a public store, you should probably look into anger management classes?! I've got some names I can give you ;) Hee, hee! Just kidding. I know exactly how you feel. If the things that went through my head came out of my mouth even I would be scared of me sometimes. Happy Holidays!
Erin said…
That sweet, sweet holiday spirit. Isn't it lovely?!
LuvMnky said…
So, why didn't you just move to a shorter line instead of getting all red-in-the-face, throw-magazines-around angry?!

(And as a small sidenote, I'm wondering why I'm not in your "Friends of Mine" list. I mean, I thought we were friends. You know several of my deepest, darkest secrets from our BYU days. You ate chips at my house, man!! What more do you want from me?!?! What do I have to do to be in your "Friends of Mine" list?!? Throw magazines?!?!?) ;-)

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