The Gift of all Gifts Has Arrived!

Guess what I received yesterday friends? All my Christmas wishes came true. After a cold and long day at work I very own Slanket.

I wear it loud and I wear it proud.

If you have no idea what a slanket is and my feelings about it please see my previous entry on the Slanket.


Anonymous said…
when did you start wearing glasses?
Heidi said…
It's a Festivus miracle!

You look so pleased with yourself.
blue is so your color. and im jealous of the slanket. i'm always saying to myself - i wish i could use my hands while under this blanket, but i just don't want them to get cold. you have found the perfect solution!! merry christmas to you. oh, and can you send me your address?
Erin said…
HAHA! You wear that Slanket, and you enjoy it, Robbie! Your blue Slanket can be friends with my brown Slanket. Slanket par-tay!
Missy said…
Wow! Between the slanket and those glasses...your "hot" factor just shot through the roof! :)

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