The Reverse Trike Master

Isn't it amazing how your paths cross with people. I serve on a committee at work were we talk about how we can make our place of business a healthier place to work in.

Today our discussion turned to safe modes of transportation. We were supposed to be talking about healthy eating but some how a guy on our committee always gets off topic and goes on and on about ridiculous things. Last time he suggested we put Gatorade in the drinking fountains. Your tax dollars hard at work folks. Whenever he goes off we say, "Thanks, for commenting...(awkward silence as we glance back and forth at each other)..any way...", and then we get back to the agenda.

So there we all were talking about wearing our seat belts and coming up with a campaign to get people to use their blind spots, when "Random Man", as I like to call him, said that we should all start riding our bikes to work. But then we patiently reminded him that it's mid-December and thin rubber wheels and ice are not a safer mode of transportation...(awkward silence as we glance back and forth at each other...sigh..)"Any way."

But he was not deterred by our "glancing" or our frustrated sighs. He said, "Safety wouldn't be a problem if you rode a motor bike with three wheels like this gentleman", indicating the man sitting next to me.

Let me pause here to refer you to a previous blog called "The Reverse Trike". I talked about this mysterious man who dresses as a hard core biker but rides a motorized trike. So you can imagine when I found out that the man next to me was the before mentioned mysterious trike rider. Needless to say I was intrigued. He said that the reason he traded in his Harley for this motorized trike was because it was safer in the snow.

Safer in snow? Back up the bus there son. Now this begs the question, why is this man driving anything that resembles a motorcycle in the bitter winter wind of Utah, with black ice? I don't care how many wheels you have black ice is black ice. And the wind chill factor must be so intense you would freeze your toes right off, amongst other things. I mean, I can barely walk from my front door to my car door without four coats, and my electric blanket cranked on "High" (Sometimes I forget to pull in that electrical cord and it drags all the way to office. So embarrassing.)

But while I was criticizing this man in my mind I thought maybe there is something that I am not seeing. Then my thoughts turned to how this man could ride his trike during the winter months. Perhaps there is some sort of a bubble that you can put over your trike when it gets cold, like the ones you put on swimming pools or tennis courts in the winter. You know what I am talking about?

So after doing some research there is actually such a thing. It is called the "Bike Bubble".I am thinking of getting this for my "hard core trike" friend. That way if he chooses to ride his trike in the snow he can stay warm and toasty in his trike bubble.

And hey, if you run into something like an elk or a Yeti, you could just bounce right off into a snow bank. Fantastic!

Ah, science, what will they think of next.


Adrian Young said…
Robbie Abney! Hey, I just barely got your comment that you left on my blog...please yes, look, say hello, keep in touch! I hope you are well. Can we please get together? Maybe if Scott and Erik are in town for the holidays we can have a bit of a reunion ;)

Much love to you!

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