Poked? Ouch.

So have you ever been “Poked” on Facebook? I have and I am at a loss as to what that means exactly. How I am supposed to respond? There is nothing that is really attached to it just a finger pointing at you.

Are they calling me out to fight? Are they that desperate for attention that this is the only why they can communicate for a little love, much like a mute child? If I do reply back, what kind of social obligations am I under to this person?

I never have responded to a "poke" before because if I do I am afraid what will happen after the fact. I just imagine that all of a sudden a chat box will open and I will have to chit chat with someone I only like as an acquaintance, and chat boxes I only participate in with serious friends.

It's like those people who come up to you, who you vaguely know, and they extend their arms and say, "Someone needs a hug". And inside you don't want to give them a hug but you do, and then you die a little bit inside because you have crossed a line that you really didn't want to cross just to fill someone’s need for acceptance. When in reality you want to slap them and say, “Look, Hug Whore, stop hugging everything that moves!”

And if I may just be honest, no matter how it is presented I always feel a little dirty inside after someone pokes me, a little violated if you will, like I could take 20 showers and never feel clean.

The funny thing is that after I post this I am going to start receiving hundreds of pokes from readers. And if I do, you will see my fury as I "Super Poke" you back . . . whatever that means.


Heidi said…
My friend Josh pokes me when he sees me in real life, so it's ok that he pokes me on Facebook...

If you get SuperPoke, you CAN actually call someone out. And then hadouken them, if you're a ninja.

Not that I would be geeky enough to know these things. Not at all.
Erin said…
I was super poked today, and I must admit, I felt a little violated. I poked back and am unsure of what might happen now. Curses! Does that person think I "like" them because I returned the poke?? Good heavens above, I hope not!! No more poke-back's for me!
Ah, yes! Just be thankful they don't extend those same arms and say "someone needs a kiss!" Just imagine how awkward that could become! Or would it?!

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