The Slanket Experience

Friends I love an innovative, and creative product. You know I do! Which explains why most of my Saturdays are spent watching infomercials (The magic bullet just came out with a new juicer. Check it out. It's gonna be big. Oh, and don't even get me started talking about Ronco Popeil's new pasta maker.)

So my co-worker came in last week and told me she saw the funniest thing on QVC called the Slanket. I was intrigued. "Show me this Slanket that you speak of.", I told her. So we went to the QVC website and friends here is what we found.

I immediately fell on the floor laughing because who in their right mind would drape themselves in a velour sheet and walk around their home this way? I mean that is why our society manufactured ginormous blankets so we wouldn't have to look like this guy laying on his couch when friends stop by unexpectedly. Can you imagine the embarrassment you would feel if your roommate brought home a date, and there you were wearing your Harry Potter glasses in your Slanket, lounging on the couch? Go ahead, try to explain to your roommate and his date why you are wearing a fleece dress. Go ahead. Try it.

So about a week after this little laugh fest, I went over to visit some of my friends and they were all wearing some very interesting attire. I couldn't put my finger on what it was that made it so interesting, but they looked like they were wearing some sort of fleece toga. It took me a minute and then I realized why their outfit looked so familiar. That is when it hit me friends, all of them were sporting the...Slanket.

I don't know how you would react in that situation, but I just broke into laughter.
But my laughter was short lived as they offered me their slankets to try on. My laughter quickly melted into tears of joy as I realized how much I needed the Slanket in my life.

It was so warm and cozy and came over my feet, my feet people. My feet never fit underneath a blanket due to my long, muscle laden body (Until you are 6'5 you will never know how hard it is to find a blanket long enough to cover your entire frame. Most of the time you have to assume the fetal position and have you big feet hanging outside the warm goodness that is the blanket.)

So I thought this might be a great gift for me and my long torso-ed friends. But, to my dismay, everywhere I looked...SOLD OUT. That's right friends, apparently this is a hot item for Christmas this year and it is on back order everywhere.

So I now, after wearing my first Slanket, can fully endorse this product. I know that is what you were waiting for before you ran out and bought one. So stay glued to QVC because who knows when they might offer you a screaming deal on a Slanket.

I was saddened by the fact that I would be Slanket-less this Christmas as I couldn't find one any where. But the Slanket Gods have smiled upon me this year. Because guess what my co-worker got me for Christmas this year?

That's right, a Slanket.


kmb said…
Oh good....I read your blog too! I didn't want to ever comment and scare you thinking I was some stalker...but now I feel safe. You make me laugh...and I especially appreciate your twilight insight. I laughed through the entire movie and even more when they showed Jasper. However...I need to sheepishly admit to being one of those types that loves Christmas music starting Nov 1st...
Erin said…
The slanket is probably the most innovative invention this season. It gives me such joy, and I relish in your appreciation of it as well. One of these days you, me and the roomies are going to have a slanket party - only slanket owners invited! Can you see us all sprawled out in our slankets watching x-mas movies and drinking hot cocoa? It truly is magic. Bless the slanket!
Bart said…
It sounds kind of slanky to me.

Fun piece of trivia: here is the word I had to type in on the word verification today:


Let's invent a definition in the spirit of the Slanket. A jushruct is the feeling you get that spreads to your toes right after your embarrassment turns to pride when the neighbor comes by unexpectedly and finds you clad in the Slanket.

Use it in a sentence TODAY!
CubGO said…
It's also called a snuggie. They can be obtained at however, my wonderful aunt has the pattern and I've made both lil G and I one. We love 'em! What's great is that she has a princess one and I have a BYU cougar one. Very original. :) I can unlock this secret pattern for a price.. just let me know how much you're willing to pay waaa aaaa aaaa
Stephanie Abney said…
Rob ~ only you could write up such an endorsement!! You should do copy for them and make the big bucks. You are too funny. Enjoy your slanket. Have yet to see the Twilight movie, but will be sure to re-read your comments before I go... or maybe not???

Take care my crazy funny nephew!! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas!!

Love, Aunt Stephanie

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